How do I know which program is right for my player?
In most cases, we are able to place a player into the appropriate program based on a variety of factors including age, experience, and golf playing skills. When there isn?t enough data to determine placement, we arrange an evaluation at one of the programs. Evaluations are done at the end of a clinic where they can determine the appropriate placement and discuss this with the parent and player.

Does?SKGA offer any conditioning?training?
Because the game of golf continues to get more challenging on a physical level, it is important to recognize that conditioning is a big part of training. Additional fitness training is provided by SKGA with additional cost. Please check with Coach Sonny for possible open slots.

If my child gets sick or injured, can I get a refund?
SKGA offers flat rate monthly plan for all clinics.? No refund is offerred for the spot in the current clinic reserved for your player in the current month.? However in extreme cases of illness or injury, we are certainly flexible and will work with you to ensure you receive the appropriate credit toward future programs and plans.

How quickly will my child move up from Core?to?Performance level?
Every child progresses differently and there are different aspects to being ready for the next level. Coach Sonny?will?determine a player?s readiness to move up by evaluating him/her in the day-to-day clinics. He will let you know when he feels your player is ready to move up. You or your player should feel comfortable asking?Coach Sonny what benchmarks are considered to be ready for the move. Keep in mind that it is not just the ability compared to other players that determines a player?s level. Mental toughness attributes (such as confidence and focus)?along with physical traits (such as athleticism and endurance)?are also considerations.

How do I pay for my clinics, plans, or lessons?
SKGA currently only?accepts?checks or cash.?Payments for the current month?s plan are processed on the 1st day?of the month.

Can?players switch classes within the same week?
Switching classes within the same week?is not allowed because it will affect the coach to player ratio in that clinic.

How do I go about getting my child signed up for clinics?
If you are interested in attending our clinics, please visit our ?CONTACT? page in order to answer some basic questions about your player to help us determine which program (Core, Core Advanced, Performance, or Elite) will be the best one for him or her. You must email us prior to attending your first clinic to ensure proper placement.?Please bring the signed?clinic application and mandatory waiver form before the first clinic.

How can I get?NCGA’s YOC card for my player?

Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) offers Youth On Course (YOC) cards to junior players who can receive discounted green fees at over 115 participating Northern California golf courses. Click on this link to join?YOC at Northern California:?http://youthoncourse.org/northern-california/.